The History of Slot Machines

Charles Fey from sunny California is believed to be the inventor of the first slot machine. That was in 1887. Others believe that Fey didn’t develop the slot machine until 1895 (still a long time ago!). Fey managed to create a device that had three spinning reels and five symbols on each. There were hearts, spades, diamonds, hooves, and the Liberty Bell. Because of this, the first slot machine came to be known as the Liberty Bell.

The idea of ​​the game was to get three matching symbols in a row, with the three bells giving the highest prize (10 nickels). The game became instantly popular and laid the foundation for modern slot machines. Later in 1907, Herbert Mills produced the Operator Bell casino slots machine, which then used fruit symbols. The Fruit Mania slot machine that can be played online these days was inspired by slot machine operator Bell. The slot machines could be played in barbershops and salons.

History of Slot Machines

History of Slot Machines

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Sittman and Pitt of New York developed a very similar slot machine in 1891. This machine used five reels and had a total of 50 cards with faces (like poker). The game became famous overnight. Players had to drop a nickel into a slot and pull a lever. They could win beer or cigars. Other variations of the device were developed and prizes then included fruity chewing gum with pictures of the fruit. Hence the classic slot machine symbols still used today, such as cherry and melon. Gambling was illegal at the time, but no laws were broken with these prizes.

Furthermore on History of Slot machines; In 1963, Bally produced the first electromechanical slot called Money Honey. This one had a maximum payout of 500 coins and is considered to be the inspiration for modern slot machines. Later, WMS Industries Inc. developed the first video slot machine in 1996 – it was called Reel ‘Em In.

The combination of these developments with the advent of the Internet offered even more opportunities. There are now tens of thousands of slot machines in online casinos, which are among the most popular pastimes of many people. There are so many different slots with different styles and themes that appeal to different types of people. With modern technology and elaborate graphics and animations, they just got better and better. The result was better quality slots for players in online casinos.

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